HTTP and WebSocket API Gateway

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For Microservices

Prism is designed to handle the plumbing between Microservices and let developers focus on writing business logic.

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Traffic Control

Load balancing, metering, response aggregation, rate limiting, circuit breakers, authentication, web jobs and more.

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WebSockets Support

Prism can stream responses to WebSocket clients by polling multiple backend services or by reading from Redis queues.

“Easy to extend with JavaScript hooks. Fully Open Source.”

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A Capable Reverse-Proxy

SSL termination, configurable caching, and optional stream mode for high performance. Supports Node.JS cluster mode.

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Write hooks in JavaScript to customize requests and responses flowing through Prism. Write plugins to handle custom protocols.

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Free and Open Source

Prism is Free and MIT-licensed Open Source. We are actively looking for contributors. Check our GitHub profile.

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Analytics and Monitoring

Real-time dashboards to see what's happening across your stack. Alerts when your servers go south. This feature is Work-in-progress.

Commercial Support?

Retransmit Enterprise Stack will be available after our beta. It will include tools for auto-scaling, application monitoring and alerting, out-of-the-box support for cloud providers, dashboards, authentication providers, metering and more. And of course, 24x7 technical support.

We expect to launch the Retransmit Stack private beta in early 2021. Join our wait list for early bird prices.